Why FirstBank
Why FirstBank

Six reasons to choose FirstBank.

(Besides lower blood pressure.)
    • 1
    • Low Rates and Fees

      FirstBank has very competitive rates, and we work hard to keep closing costs low.

    • 2
    • Our Bankers Can Make Decisions

      Unlike most lenders, our bankers have the power to make most loan decisions.

    • 3
    • More Flexibility to Approve Loans

      Sometimes, common sense loans can’t be approved under Fannie Mae or FHA guidelines. But because we hold many of our loans in our own portfolio, at FirstBank we have the flexibility to consider loans that may not be approved under standard guidelines.

    • 4
    • Loans That Close Quickly

      We know you don't want to drag out the mortgage process, so we work hard to make sure our in-house loan processing is quick and painless.

    • 5
    • Many Solutions Offered

      No matter who you are, we offer a mortgage solution to fit your situation. From fixed and adjustable rate options, to down payment assistance for qualified borrowers, FirstBank has a mortgage plan that's right for you.

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